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Most of the lifestyle tips you will hear aren’t very good if you do not take supplements to help. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to be making sure you have an edge. You can get that edge from taking extra vitamins and minerals. You can find out which ones work well and which ones don’t here.

Obviously, you need to always consult a certified health expert very first to stay clear of any medication nutrient communications. And also stay clear of supplements with sweeteners, colors, fabricated flavors, preservatives, or fillers. Children need to constantly take supplement solutions created for their needs.

Below are a few needs to get added assistance:

  • Several vegetables and fruits are genetically bred to boost visual charm and crop yields, not dietary worth, which frequently leads to minimal nutritional worths compared to our forefathers’ food supply.
  • Erratic consuming behaviors, insufficient eating of food, eating on the run, as well as tension add to bad food digestion, making it challenging for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it requires from food.
  • Pharmaceutical substance abuse has intensified over time. A lot of drugs deplete necessary nutrients, making people much more at risk to shortages.
  • Specific times in life and health and wellness problems may lead to greater demands of particular nutrients. For example, folic acid needs tend to be greater while pregnant, while menopausal ladies might be vulnerable to calcium shortages.
  • Most of us have genetic weaknesses, consisting of higher requirements of some nutrients, higher prices of exhaustion for certain nutrients, and an enhanced chance of genetic expression of some health problems if vitamin or mineral deficiencies are present.
  • Lots of nutrients have actually been verified to avoid or assist in the therapy of wellness conditions such as high cholesterol, joint inflammation, abnormality, and also cancer cells. Take a look at my write-ups on the vitamins and minerals that assist avoid cancer.
  • Food processing, food preparation, and also preserving causes vitamins and mineral deficiency in our food supply that makes it hard to get adequate nutrition from foods alone.
  • Many foods are shipped long distances and are stored for extended periods of time, both which create the exhaustion of vitamins in these foods, within the essential B-complex and C vitamins.


Bullet Proof Executive

Focused Nutrients

Area’s Of Competition


The competition has been designed to represent and cover every area of life.

Each of the areas focuses on providing you with:

  1. An examination of the perceived and actual problems we face when it comes to dealing with such matters as confidence, decision making, communication, self belief etc
  2. Practical tips and examples of small and simple changes that we can easily incorporate into our everyday lives.

Success & Happiness

Who we are and how we feel about ourselves ultimately defines the quality of our life and what we achieve. Success & Happiness is all about providing the tools necessary to allow an individual to reach whatever achievements they want in order to live and prosper around a fulfilled life.

Areas and skills would include: self confidence, creativity, communication, motivation, organisation, goal setting, wealth management, time management, accelerated learning, and discovering life’s purpose.

 Life & Relationships

Life is all about relationships. Everything that we do as human beings revolves around our relationships with each other. Relationships are, therefore, ultimately either a source of tremendous joy or great pain. Life & Relationships is all about having the tools necessary to enjoy rich, fulfilling and supportive relationships in every area of your life.

Areas and skills would include: love and romance, communication at home and at work, recovery after divorce or bereavement, finding new relationships in midlife, understanding family dynamics, parent/child relating, stage of life issues: adolescence, midlife, aging.

Health & Fitness

Ultimately without our health, nothing else matters. Yet how many of us really do anything to experience it? Health & Fitness covers the tools and techniques necessary for any individual to reach a health related goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Areas and skills would include: health and fitness education, stress management techniques, motivation, time management, and work/life balance.

Business & Careers

Whether you own a business, are planning to start one or you work for someone else we all need to engage in the process called work. Business & Careers provides the tools and skills necessary to get ahead in today’s competitive business world.

Areas and skills would include: business planning, leadership, team building, meeting management, communication, goal setting, dealing with change, networking, mentoring and sales.

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What is Britain's Next Top Coach?

Held against the backdrop of the 2012 Olympic games, Britain's Next Top Coach is an exciting new internet based competition designed to discover the most inspirational and talented individuals emerging from within the UK self-help & personal development industry and connect them to a public searching for ways to improve their lives.

Where did the idea come from?

When we become inspired and develop the confidence and ability to achieve things through our own efforts we do have to take from others in order to feel "safe and secure" and that in turn reduces the conflict we have in our lives. And there really is no better place to look for the inspiration and guidance we need than from those who are actively “doing it” or who have achieved something they never thought possible. In doing so we can find a purpose for living that transcends simply making money and reaches the much deeper issue of what we can contribute to life: we are changing the world "one me" at a time.